English major sophomores visited Library

On 1 November 2022, a group of 27 sophomores visited the Library with Sawsan Shomali who introduces English major students to the process of and various steps in writing a research paper.

Ms. Elizabeth Dsouza, Library Director, extended a warm welcome to the group and encouraged them to visit the Library as often as possible. She also encouraged them to borrow books and read to pursue their studies.

Vera Koussa, Head of English Technical Services, explained to them how to look for the resources in the online catalogue for their research and gave a demo.

Juana Juha, Library Staff for Circulation Services, showed them how to search for the resources from the databases for writing a research paper and how to download (PDF) files of an article or a book.  She also explained to them how to access the electronic resources from the library homepage and from BUAP account.

Sana Salsa, Assistant to Circulation Services and English Technical Services, explained to them about the digitized book of our special collections. She then explained about the RFID, and gave a demo on how to check in and check out the books.

Each staff took a group of 9 students to three different floors and explained and gave a demo on how to search for resources on OPAC and locate the books on the shelves. Ms. Elizabeth, challenged the students to borrow the books and almost all the students borrowed the books and Ms. Sawsan Shomali encouraged and looked for books that can be useful for them to read.

The Library team thanks Ms. Sawsan Shomali for the efforts made in getting the students to the Library.