On Wednesday, November 9th, 2022, a group of 9 female students of 9th grade from Wadi Al Akhdar school, visited Bethlehem University Library along with their two teachers. Wadi Al Akhdar school is located in Wadi Fukin, a Palestinian village in the West Bank, 10  km west of Bethlehem. They were welcomed by Ms. Mary Morcos, Ms. Elizabeth Dsouza and the George Nasra Team. One of the teachers who accompanied them was a former Arabic BU student, while her grandfather, Dr. Omar Shakarneh, was a former BU teacher. Ms. Mirna Zoughbi explained to them about the Library system, RFID and other facilities on the ground floor.

The students then visited the First Floor where Turathuna “George Nasra Center for Palestinian Heritage Center” is located.  Mary Morcos explained to them the different items of the Heritage Collection and engaged them in a discussion. They glanced through all the books that were displayed by the team written by Ghassan Kanafani, as they are currently studying his novels.

Then they watched a short film about “the depopulated village of ‘el-Shajara'”, where the cartoonist Naji el Ali was brought up. At the end of their visit, the team took them around for a tour to see the BU Campus.

They were impressed and very happy of their visit. They said when they are finished with Tawjihi they would enroll at BU.

We are grateful to Wadi Al Akhdar school visit.