Activity Benefitting the Tawjihi Students of the Beit Anan Public School

Responding to the current needs of the community, the 4th year students of the Qubeibeh Nursing Program, conducted an activity benefitting the Tawjihi students of the Beit Anan Public School. 40 students from the local school participated in a total of six various scientific and recreational activities spread over 6 different booths that the students visited:

  • stress management booth
  • relaxation techniques booth
  • questions and answers booth
  • a booth showing a short movie prepared by the students on the experience of Tawjihi students awaiting the results of the final exam and making the decision to  join the nursing program at Bethlehem University / Qubeibeh branch
  • Amuse your mind (متع عقلك), a booth that tackles neck pain resulting from bad habits during study and using the mobile
  • a booth on healthy food

School students and their teachers as well were genuinely excited, they sincerely thanked the organizing nursing school students and encouraged them to organize the event for other schools in the area. At the end of the day, the school principal honored the administration of Bethlehem University / Qubeibeh branch with a certificate of appreciation.