Library Liaison Annual Meeting

The Annual Library Liaison meeting took place on Thursday, December 1st, 2022 in the Garden level of the Library –L005 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

Ms. Elizabeth Dsouza, Library Director, welcomed Fr. Iyad Twal and all the representatives of the different departments to the meeting.

Ms. Elizabeth, displayed the power point of the Library tour; a flash back of the efforts of the previous year made to bring in the students for the library tour. She thanked the faculty for their efforts.

She then talked about the launching of the Internal Quality cell in the library and their regular meetings towards enhancing the Quality of the Services. She informed that as a cell, they worked on revising the Library website, they standardized the forms used in the Library, created new forms that are bilingual and they also realigned the Vision and Mission of the Library.

The Library staff took turns in explaining the different services. Juana Juha explained about the electronic resources, Reserve shelf, She displayed the new database “The Learn Book” that is offered for free trial till mid January 2023. She also explained statistics of the loan out books and reminded the faculty members to renew the loan period every year, usage of discussion rooms, and amount spent in buying the Arabic books.

Vera Koussa informed about the launching of the “Student Cell” in the Library, students orientation day, digitized rare books, digitization of archives, library updates, amount spent in buying English books, inventory and DLA done periodically.

The representatives were amazed to see the way our collection of Rare Books were digitized and uploaded on the Library Homepage and showed much of appreciation to the Library Update Newsletter as it was presented online. They also appreciated our work and thanked us for our efforts.

Fr, Iyad Twal, addressing the participants, said that we have a very good Library and facilities and he encouraged the representatives to use the Library and asked them to encourage their students to make use of the facilities offered. He thanked everyone for their participation and initiatives during the meeting.

The meeting was attended by eleven representatives and ended with refreshments.