Call for the Researchers and Faculty Staff

Join the PGSB 8th Call and partnering with FZJ scientists to develop mutual BSc & MSc Thesis Project Offer

The next PGSB 8th Call for student thesis’ will be open for B.Sc., M.Sc. theses and internships on 01 February 2023.

At this stage, PGSB program request from researchers and faculty staff members to join PGSB and partnering with FZJ scientists to develop mutual BSc & MSc Thesis Project Offer until 31 January 2023, and welcome yours to hand in your project idea using the attached template, that aiming to prepare project offers for students, also we urge faculty members who submit a joint project to encourage good students to apply from 01 February – 15 March 2023.

Priority will be given to funding BSc and MSc projects within approved PGSB research clusters, with some opportunities remaining for positions outside of research clusters, Researchers and Faulty members are encouraged to contact and communicate with FZJ scientists that match your interest. Also to communicate with members of FZJ scientists engaged in the research clusters and asking about additional opportunities, also you can have a look in depth on the accepted research cluster.

Please circulate the PGSB call to students and faculty members at your organization.

In short, the dates are as follows:

1.            31.01.2023  Deadline for handing in project offers

2.            01.02.2023  Publication of thesis offers on PGSB website

3.            15.03.2023  Deadline for student applications

4.            Selection of interview candidates by Jülich scientists

5.            Interviews (most probably until end of April)

6.            Final decision by steering committee.

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