Open Class Room Online Lecture Series

Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (Weekly) – South Asian Meteorological Association (SAMA) & SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRM IST)

Global warming and climate change are serious global concerns nowadays. Floods and droughts are the two most devastating consequences of the climate crisis in South Asia. Also, research in the areas of climate science and climate change is also very limited. Thus, a basic understanding of weather systems is important to keep the vigor of climate science and other associated climate areas at the forefront in the South Asian countries. Imparting a preliminary knowledge on meteorological observations, weather forecasting, weather monitoring through satellites and meteorological advisories to the scientific community especially students is essential to make them understand a holistic approach to tackle the weather and climate-related disasters.

Kindly note that recently NAM S&T Centre has joined as an Institutional Member of the South Asian Meteorological Association (SAMA), a professional non-profit international scientific society having Headquarter in India for the promotion of Meteorological and Allied Sciences and their application for the safety, well-being, and sustainable development of the citizens of the South Asian countries.

In view of the above, the NAM S&T is pleased to invite Scientists, Technologists, Environment Professionals, Policy Makers, and other experts to join the “Open Class Room Online Lecture Series in Atmospheric and Climate Sciences (Weekly)” being organized by South Asian Meteorological Association (SAMA), New Delhi in collaboration with SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The series will cover interesting lectures on the fundamentals of climate and atmospheric sciences which will be delivered by eminent academic faculty in the field.

The Lecture Series is open to the scientists from the Member Countries of the NAM S&T Centre and the Members of NAM S&T – Industry Network.

The Lecture Modules are targeted to early career scientists, research scholars and masters students pursuing career in meteorology, atmospheric sciences, climate and earth sciences. Professionals from non-meteorological backgrounds who are interested in gaining knowledge on the subject can also apply.

The Lecture Series will commence on 7th January 2023. The 1st series of this Module will consist of 16 Lectures including initial 4 Orientation Lectures on Atmospheric and Climate Sciences and 12 Lectures on Atmospheric Physics including selected topics on Atmospheric Thermodynamics, Atmospheric Radiation and Cloud Physics.

The following points may please be noted:

a)       The Lecture Series will commence on 7th January 2023.

b)       Under this program, 4 lectures will be organized online every month.  The 1st Series of this Module will cover 16 lectures.

c)        The target audience of these lectures will be early career scientists, research scholars and masters students pursuing career in meteorology, atmospheric, earth and climate sciences, and other related areas.

d)       There is no registration fee to apply for the lecture series.

e)       A Certificate will be issued by the organizers (not by the NAM S&T Centre) on successful completion and evaluation of participation in each module.

f)        English will be the official language of the lecture series.

The details about the organizers, time schedule of the Lecture Series and the Registration Link with this E-Circular you can browse this link:

On successful registration, the applicant may send a mail to for our records.

*Note – It may please be noted that the registration is to be done directly with the organizers using the online registration form in the link attached and not with the NAM S&T Centre. In case you need any other information, please contact the organizers

This is a general circular and not an individual invitation. The concerned authorities of the Member Countries may kindly be requested to share the information with the Principals of the Colleges/Heads of the Departments of the Universities and Institutes in their respective countries and encourage the students to register and attend the lecture series.