The Student Cell activity in the Library

The Zbierski Library held a student cell activity on Thursday, 2 March 2023, on “Video Production.”

Ms. Elizabeth D’souza, Library Director, introduced student cell member, Younis Ja’afra, and welcomed Ms. Tamara Abu Laban, Instructor at the Interactive Media and Communications program, and all the students.  Ms. D’souza encouraged the students to participate in video production activities.

Ja’afra gave an overview of the basics of video production in an informative PowerPoint presentation.  He also played some videos of his own production as examples. He also demonstrated how to produce and edit videos. The participants also practiced photo shooting, which was interesting and all enjoyed the experience.

At the end of the presentation, Younis did an interview with his teacher, Ms. Tamara Abu Laban, who spoke about her studies, career, and how she was raised in Deheisheh Refugees’ Camp.

The group, which consisted of 15 students, was very enthusiastic, and communicative, and interacted very well with the activity.