Arabic School for Foreigners Holds Cultural Activity

The Arabic School for Foreigners at Brother Vincent Malham Center held a cultural activity entitled “Our Heritage is Our Identity” on Wednesday, 22 March 2023.

The students, who are enrolled in Arabic courses, were introduced to two popular Middle Eastern dishes (Maqluba and Mujadara) and learned how to prepare them.

The Director of the Arabic School for Foreigners, Ms. Nadia Bany Shamsa, cooked both dishes in front of the students. The first dish, Maqluba, was cooked with chicken and vegetables, while the second dish, Mujadara, was cooked with olive oil and onions and served with Arabic Salad.

One of the students, Jose, thanked Bethlehem University and the teachers for adopting a teaching curriculum based on integrating foreign students into the Palestinian society and introducing them to Palestinian heritage, customs, and traditions.