Tourism Innovation Hub Empowers Youth with Disabilities for Tourism Careers

Bethlehem, 03 – 13 May 2023 – The Tourism Innovation Hub (TIH) at the Bethlehem Business Incubator (BBI) proudly celebrates the successful completion of an inclusive training program aimed at empowering youth with disabilities. Over the span of five intensive training days, participants underwent comprehensive training sessions that equipped them with transversal skills, entrepreneurship knowledge, and green skills, providing them with valuable tools to pursue successful careers in the tourism industry.

The primary focus of the training program was to nurture the skills and capabilities of youth with physical disabilities, preparing them for meaningful employment opportunities within the field of tourism. Ten individuals from Bethlehem and Hebron, meticulously selected in collaboration with esteemed Civil Society Organizations such as the YMCA, participated in the program held at the TIH, situated on the Bethlehem University Campus. The training materials were thoughtfully tailored to meet the specific needs and aspirations of the participants.

Throughout the training sessions, the participants actively engaged in dynamic learning activities, interactive workshops, and practical exercises designed to enhance their professional skills and boost their self-confidence. The training covered a wide range of areas, including transversal skills crucial for career development, entrepreneurship principles to foster innovation and creativity, and green skills to promote sustainable practices within the tourism sector.

Looking forward, the TIH remains committed to supporting the youth with disabilities on their journey towards successful employment. In the next phase of the program, the TIH will facilitate Job Matching visits to private sector institutions operating within the tourism industry, aiming to connect the participants with suitable employment opportunities that align with their skills and aspirations.

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