Leveraging Canva for Engaging English Language Teaching

Insights from ELT FIESTA 2023

At ELT FIESTA 2023, organized by De La Salle University-Dasmarinas, faculty members Ms. Paola Handal and Mr. Layth Awwad were invited to participate in the Lasallian English Educators Fellowship Training Program held at Collège des Frères Bethlehem. 

Ms. Handal and Mr. Awwad delivered a presentation on integrating Canva, a versatile graphic design tool, into English language teaching (ELT). Their insightful session to teachers of other Lasallian schools explored the potential of Canva in fostering student creativity and engagement within the ELT context.

Their presentation demonstrated how educators can unlock students’ creativity and empower them to express their ideas through visually captivating assignments by leveraging Canva’s dynamic features. The audience was inspired to reimagine traditional language exercises by incorporating multimedia elements, such as posters, infographics, and presentations, all created with Canva. They also emphasized the importance of authentic language use and allowing students to express their identity.

Ms. Handal and Mr. Awwad’s presentation harmoniously aligned with the Lasallian philosophy of education, emphasizing student-centered learning, inclusivity, and collaboration. Through their innovative approach, the presenters showcased how technology can be harnessed ethically and responsibly to equip students with 21st-century skills while upholding the Lasallian values of excellence, social responsibility, and the empowerment of learners.