Virtual Panel on the Legacy of Edward Said

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the passing of Edward Said (Nov 1, 1935-Sep 24, 2003), one of the most influential Palestinian intellectuals of our time, the Office of the Dean of Research is hosting a virtual panel that seeks to explore the multifaceted dimensions of Said’s work, his contributions to various disciplines, and his enduring influence on scholars and activists alike.

The event is part of the Bethlehem University Jubilee Celebrations.

·         Date: Monday, October 2nd

·         Time: 7:00 pm

·         Link:


Solidarity and Criticism in Political and intellectual Work: On Said’s ‘Secular Criticism’

Dr. Anthony Alessandrini, Professor of Middle Eastern Studies, CUNY (City University of New York).

Said and Literature: Representation, Identity, Power, Knowledge–Personal Reflections

Dr. Layla AlAmmar, Assistant Prof of Arab women’s fiction and literary trauma theory, American University, Kuwait.

Edward Said: Living in Arabic, Thinking in English

Dr. Tayseer Abuodeh, Associate Professor, English Language and Literature, Al-Ahliyya Amman University.

This event is open to the faculty, students, the university community, and the general public.