In the heart of the West Bank, where the ongoing war in Gaza casts a dark shadow over daily life, Bethlehem University stands as a beacon of hope amidst adversity – made possible by dedicated faculty and staff, resilient students, and generous donors from across the globe. With the livelihoods of families in the Bethlehem area shattered by the ongoing strife and having access points into Bethlehem blocked, the mission of Bethlehem University to open doors for students to enter professions with proficiency, confidence and character by fostering their ethical development as committed citizens in the pursuit of the common good remains unwavering.

Led by Brother Hernan Santos, FSC, Vice Chancellor, and an extraordinarily dedicated administrative team, in collaboration with the esteemed faculty and staff, and supported by the generous support from individuals and organizations globally, Bethlehem University tirelessly strives to support students in their pursuit of knowledge and ethical service to the common good.

Brother Jack Curran, FSC, Vice President for Advancement

“I consider myself honored and blessed to join together with such a dedicated team in service to Bethlehem University,” remarked Brother Jack Curran, FSC, who was reappointed to the position of Vice President for Advancement on 4 January 2024 following his previous service in this position from 2003-2013. “The vital importance of Bethlehem University and its pivotal role in cultivating peace, promoting truth and justice, and fostering mutual respect in the region cannot be overstated.”

Bethlehem University’s legacy extends beyond the present challenges in the region. Rooted in the shared vision of Pope Paul VI and Brother Charles Henry, the Superior General of the Brothers of the Christian Schools at the time, Bethlehem University was founded in 1973 as a joint venture of the Vatican and the De La Salle Christian Brothers. Since its inception, a cadre of Brothers from Australia, England, Ireland, the Philippines, Mexico, Paraguay, and the United States have joined together with their Palestinian colleagues to bring to life and advance the university’s mission, ensuring its continuity despite the tumultuous landscape.

Today, amidst escalating tensions and economic downturns, the collaboration between Bethlehem University and its global partners becomes increasingly vital. With alumni, friends, and funding organizations rallying behind the cause, Bethlehem University charts a course towards a brighter future for its students and faculty.

Brother Hernan Santos, Vice Chancellor, echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the collective effort required to navigate these challenging times. “Now, more than ever, cooperative and collaborative work among us all is necessary,” Brother Hernan remarks, highlighting the interconnectedness of the university’s mission with the broader Palestinian society.

As Bethlehem University continues to stand resilient in the face of adversity, it remains steadfast in its commitment to education and the Palestinian people, serving as a beacon of hope for generations to come. In the midst of turmoil, the university’s enduring legacy, rooted in faith and perseverance, shines brightly, illuminating a path towards a better tomorrow for all.