Virtual Connection joins students of Bethlehem University and Queen Margaret Academy

In an inspiring display of cross-cultural exchange, the student ambassadors from Bethlehem University had a unique opportunity to engage in a virtual meeting with students from Queen Margaret Academy, Ayr in Scotland on Thursday 18 April 2024. The meeting brought these two groups together for an enriching discussion on shared interests, cultural perspectives, and political challenges.

Student Ambassadors exchanged ideas on significant issues such as social justice, and human rights, emphasizing ways how Bethlehem University is a beacon of hope for them!

The comments by the participating students were the highlight of this meeting.  Some of them expressed that such a meeting has expanded their view and gave them the opportunity to encounter firsthand accounts of the Israeli occupation in Palestine, instead of learning about it only from a news screen, while others said that they now felt motivated to learn more and share the learned information with friends and family.

After the meeting, the students of Queen Margaret Academy expressed how the experience deepened their understanding of Palestine and inspired them to learn more and advocate for social justice. This initiative exemplifies the importance of international exchange in promoting empathy and understanding across borders.  

Overall, participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to connect with each other from across the globe.