Nursing Student Research Conference: From Ideas to Impact

The Tarek Ahmed Juffali Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences at Bethlehem University held a two-day student conference titled “Nursing Student Research Conference: From Ideas to Impact” on Monday, 27 May, and Tuesday, 28 May 2024. Over 300 participants attended, including students, professors, hospital representatives, and healthcare institutions from the Ministry of Health, UNRWA, the private sector, and representatives from educational institutions.

Attendees included Br. Hernán Santos, FSC, Vice Chancellor of the University; Ms. Salam Awwad, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences; Ibrahim Mughanamin, representative of the Palestinian Ministry of Health; Ibrahim Namoura, President of the Palestinian Nursing and Midwifery Union; Mousa Rabadi, Director of the Institute for Community Engagement and Partnership; and Professor Ismat Mikky, a 1992 graduate of Bethlehem University and currently Professor of Nursing, and Research and Evaluation Committee Chairperson at the Francis M. McLaughlin Department of Nursing at Bloomfield College, USA.

The conference opened with welcoming remarks from Mr. Naji Abu Ali, the general coordinator of the conference, who emphasized the importance of scientific research in healthcare and the role of the nursing management course in developing leadership skills and teamwork.

Dean Awwad underscored the importance of the conference in promoting scientific research and collaborative efforts to achieve common goals. Br. Santos emphasized the humanitarian essence of the nursing profession, noting that university education is just the beginning of nurses’ careers.

Mr. Rabadi praised the healthcare sector’s role under current conditions and the importance of community partnership in development. Mr. Ibrahim Mughannim conveyed greetings from the nursing directors at the Ministry of Health and commended the faculty’s efforts to advance the nursing profession.

In addition, Mr. Ibrahim Namoura highlighted the significant role of nurses in Gaza and expressed the union’s readiness to collaborate with Bethlehem University to offer scholarships for the union members. Furthermore, Professor Ismat Mikky shared his academic journey and affirmed the capability of Bethlehem University graduates to attain prestigious global positions.

The students, Natal Nofal and Abdel Fattah Ftatafta, spoke about the importance of scientific research in developing healthcare practices. A total of 22 scientific research papers were presented in nursing, midwifery, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy. The two best presentations received a 300 NIS gift card sponsored by Zuwadeh.

The first day was concluded with a session featuring research posters that was continued the next day with scientific activities, innovative health projects, and adaptive equipment from various specialties to serve the Palestinian community, followed by sports activities. This conference, held despite challenging circumstances, is one of the most significant student research events at Bethlehem University and Palestinian universities.