External Academic Relations

Mission and Goals

The External Academic Relations Office operates under the auspices of the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Main core of this position is to follow up on the agenda of the Academic Office current and future agreements with international universities and other institutions that involve the exchange of students for short and / or long periods of time.

The External Academic Relations Office role and mission is to position Bethlehem University through raising global awareness of Bethlehem University’s local academic and nonacademic programs; establish relationships with future scholars; assist academic department in promoting their programs locally and internationally via:

  • Identifying and developing new external, local and international academic scholarship and program opportunities;
  • Strengthening, maintaining and sustaining BU current and future academic programs via increasing the value and volume of international joined agreements;
  • Facilitating the mobility of all incoming and outgoing visiting scholars and students.

The External Academic Relations Office ensures that the selection of BU students and academics for international scholars is done in a fair and transparent manner, share guidelines for handling such exchanges with regards to logistics and financial matters

Academic Collaboration

Bethlehem University enjoys a strong relationship of cooperation with international universities and other institutions in the areas of research, curriculum development, as well as student and faculty mobility.  Through these collaborations students and faculty from Bethlehem University and the partner institutions gain valuable study, teaching and research opportunities. These collaborations are often accompanied by formal agreements that outline the expectations and obligations from each institution. University and organizations who interested in exploring partnership opportunities with us, can contact mkleibo@bethlehem.edu


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  • Full tuition fees.
  • Covers
  • Room and board (all meals includes)
  • Stipend $1400 to cover any other expenses (200$/per month).
  • Health insurance.
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Mahdi Kleibo

Coordinator of External Academic Relations

  • De La Salle Hall, D-226a
  • mkleibo@bethlehem.edu
  • 022741241 ext. 2212