Athletics Director

Letter from the Athletics director:

All the sport activities include the intramural and intercollegiate are organized under the supervision of Athletics Director.

We tried to serve BU students as much as we can in all ways and we opened new opportunity to many BU players to achieve something important in their life and gain a new experience.

As statistics in the academic year 2019 the number of students involve in sport activities increased to triple, this was the main goal towards students at BU to be healthier. We implemented efficient training program for students and staff all the year, and increased the number of students and staff to have the opportunity to develop their physical fitness by taking part in sport, besides increasing the number of meaningful matches and tournaments.

I never stop mentoring BU students through sports, I believe sport is the best tool to acquaint them to general knowledge of health, alleviate the psychological impacts of the current political situation, provide leadership skills and sport spirit for them and communicate during participation in activities which promote social growth.

The educational part of my career at Bethlehem University gives the fulfillment of the huge impact a teacher can leave on students. Every day, I feel the power and the importance of teaching in the process of change, the development I saw on my students evolved my life. My students became my passion and my priorities. The concern I provide for my students is not any less of that concern I provided for my children. This approach earned me respect and popularity among my students where I was awarded the Teaching Excellence Certificate for the year 2010 from AMIDEAST. I founded the first national female football team in Palestine. The courage and sacrifices of my female students and the support of their parents and different sectors of community made this dream a reality. In 1993 we organized the first tennis championship in Palestine and since then this championship occurs yearly till this moment.

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