Bethlehem University Administration

Bethlehem University Administration


The Apostolic Delegate to Jerusalem is the Chancellor of Bethlehem University by right of his office and serves as the nominal Head of the University. He is the Holy See’s representative on University matters and acts as a chief advisor to the Vice Chancellor concerning the Holy See.

Br. Peter Bray, Vice ChancellorVice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bethlehem University. He directs its academic, administrative, financial and support affairs to ensure that the ends for which the University exists are fulfilled. In this capacity, he authorizes all policies, rules, and regulations of the University. The current Vice Chancellor is Br. Peter Bray.


From the founding of Bethlehem University in October 1973 until April 1980, the President fulfilled the role of CEO. Beginning in April 1980, the Vice Chancellor became the CEO, and the President began to represent the Vice Chancellor with the Association of Arab Universities and to preside at official University ceremonies.

Chancellors Through the Years

His Excellency Most Reverend, Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli
2017 – Present
Antonio Franco Giuseppe Lazzarotto
His Excellency Most Reverend
Antonio Franco
His Excellency Most Reverend
Giuseppe Lazzarotto
2012 – 2017
Pietro Sambi Andrea di Monezemolo
His Excellency Most Reverend
Pietro Sambi
Deceased 27 July 2011
His Excellency Most Reverend
Andrea di Monezemolo
Carlo Curis  William A Carew
His Excellency Most Reverend
Carlo Curis
His Excellency Most Reverend
William Aquin Carew
Deceased 8 May 2012
Pio Laghi
His Excellency Most Reverend
Pio Laghi
Deceased 10 Jan 2009



Vice Chancellors Through the Years

Br. Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor
Brother Peter Bray, FSC
Feb 2009- present
Brother Robert Smith, FSC
* Interim
Jan 2008-Jan 2009
Brother Daniel Casey, FSC
July 2005-Apr 2008
Deceased 30 July 2008
Brother Vincent Malham, FSC
Apr 1997-June 2005
Deceased 2 May 2008
Brother Ronald Gallagher, FSC
Jan 1994-Mar 1997
Brother Anton DeRoper, FSC
Jan 1987-Dec 1993
Brother Thomas Scanlan, FSC.
Feb 1982-Dec 1986
Deceased 4 February 2018
Brother Joseph Loewenstein, FSC
Apr 1980-Jan 1982


Presidents Through the Years

Brother George Absi, FSC
His Excellency Most Reverend, Fuad Twal
Brother Vincent Malham
June 2002-June 2005
Deceased 2 May 2008
Msgr Raouf Najjar
Jan 1989-Jan 2001
Deceased 26 Jan 2001
Father Michel Sabbah
Apr 1980-Jan 1988
Brother Joseph Loewenstein, FSC
Mar 1975-Apr 1980
Br. Paul Broyles, FSC
 Brother Paul Broyles, FSC
* Interim
Oct 1974-Mar 1975
Deceased 7 Aug 1993
Brother Joseph Neary, FSC
Deceased 8 Oct 1995