Testimonial Category: Brother Joe

Elsa Hazboun, Assistant to Vice Chancellor – BU

In 1977, I enrolled at the Teachers College at Bethlehem University as a transfer student from Bir Zeit College. Br. Joe was then the president of the University and he used to teach some courses for the English major. I took two courses with him: Linguistics and Communication. He was one of the best teachers, […]

Antoine D. Nesnas, a friend

My wife Eileen and I feel so sad for the departure of Brother Joe. Eileen was his secretary at the Pontifical Mission in Jerusalem for about 9 years prior to his becoming the Vice Chancellor of the Bethlehem University. We both extend our sincere condolences to the Christian Brothers of de La Salle Community as […]

Michael Byrne. Lieutenant

The English Knights and Dames of the EOHSJ pray for the repose of the soul of this holy man who radiated joy and confidence in the future of the young in a world of eternal turbulence.  May God grant him the eternal rest he richly deserves and send us more like him.

Fr. Peter Du Brul, Religious Studies – BU

Brother Joe hired me as a part-time teacher in 1975, to set up the Cultural Studies Program, which continued for 25 years. His forceful and upbeat character shaped and even created, together with Dr. Anton Sansour, the spirit of the University for many years.  The Village Health Worker Program developed into the Faculty of Nursing.  […]

Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor

Brother Joe would want to be remembered here at Bethlehem University as a brother. A brother to the people with whom he worked and as an older brother to the young people who were entrusted to the University, especially those who were struggling or were faced with disabilities. It was in seeking to walk in […]

George N. Rishmawi, Communications Officer – BU

Brother Joe is an unforgettable person.  His soul and heart were here at Bethlehem University.  He once told me “Bethlehem University needs to invest in humans more than in buildings because the humans make the buildings”. Rest in peace Br. Joe

Br. Peter Iorlano, FSC, VP For Human Resources – BU

I first met Brother Joe when I came to serve at Bethlehem University in 2004.  Initially, Brother Joe was uncertain about my role as Coordinator of Institutional Values; as was typical he would describe it as “interesting.”  However, Brother Joe helped me in several ways.  First, he was very supportive and encouraging to me in […]

Rania Hazboun

Rania Hazboun, Development Officer – BU

I am honored and blessed to have known Br. Joe. We worked together in the Advancement office since 2002. He was truly a blessing in my life and the lives of everyone who have known him. Br. Joe made a difference in so many lives, especially Bethlehem University students. A good heart has stopped beating, […]