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Instructional Technology Support Unit

The Office of Instructional Technology provides supervision for the Bethlehem University Computer Center and the Digital Media Center.

The Director of Instructional Technology:

  1. is responsible for developing capability for the use of technology among the faculty of Bethlehem University,
  2. is responsible for assisting faculty in using technology to improve classroom performance,
  3. supervises the Digital Media Center in order to maximize its use,
  4. supervises the Bethlehem University Computer Center
  5. supervises the installation and utilization of computers and LCD projectors in the classrooms of Bethlehem University
  6. Serves as the Chairperson of the Capital Projects Committee and in that role provides consultation in construction and renovation projects of Bethlehem University.

Philip Daoud
AVP for Information Technology Services
Phone:022741241 ext.2312

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