A Course Portfolio

Dr. Jeanne Kattan, Hanadi Soudah–Younan, Mai Al-Qassasfeh, Department of English The course portfolio is a guide for faculty members to document each of the courses they teach in a reflective manner that aims at improving the teaching and learning experience. This learning toolkit suggests different steps and procedures for developing a course portfolio that meets […]

Designing Course Outlines

The course outline is considered an important contract between the faculty member and the student. It provides the students with the necessary information on the course content, its objectives and what is expected of them.  Toolkit Course Outline Click Here See Link: https://chroniclevitae.com/news/1864-your-syllabus-doesn-t-have-to-look-like-a-contract

Lesson Study

PeterDudley Lesson Study (LS) is a highly specified form of action research. It involves a group of teachers who collaboratively plan, teach and observe students’ learning in ‘research lessons’ and then analyze and record their findings in order to maximize the benefits from the teaching and learning experience. This toolkit provides practical guidance on the […]

Assessment for Learning

Shukri Sanbar This toolkit focuses on the main components of the assessment process, from the moment data is collected to its interpretation. It also includes activities on how to design assessment tools that are aligned with the learning outcomes of a course.  Toolkit on Assessment  Click Here