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Minor in Physics

The Department of Physics offers a comprehensive program of study leading to the completion of Minor in Physics. This program is designed to prepare students not only for advanced graduate studies in physics, but also for employment upon graduation in disciplines related to science and technology. Basic courses give the student a solid foundation in […]

Minor in Industrial Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers a minor in Industrial Chemistry that comprises of 24 credit hours. This program is designed to enrich students with the most update chemical industrial processes mainly in the field of detergents, polymers, cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals. The program is built on both theoretical and practical (laboratory) aspects to enhance the […]

Minor in Medical Laboratory Sciences

The Department of Biology offers a minor in Medical Laboratory Sciences.  Upon the completion of the minor, students should be able to work in medical laboratories and clinics.   The minor covers the fields of microbiology, parasitology, hematology, serology, clinical chemistry, body fluids and blood banking. Degree Requirements Program of Study

Minor in Biology

Program Description The Department of Biology offers a minor in Biology.  The program exposes students to the major fields of biological sciences, and develops skills of analytical thinking, initiative, and scientific creativity in the students, preparing them for careers in teaching, research, and it complements the major in Medical Laboratory Sciences as well.   The topics […]

Minor in Accounting

In addition to the major in accounting, the accounting department provides the opportunity for all students (some restriction might be imposed due to the limited available resources in some years) to join the program towards a minor in accounting. Degree Requirements Program of Study  

Minor in Finance

This minor is open to those students majoring in accounting starting January 2011.  There are limitations imposed by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education on the number of students to be admitted to the new minor. Degree Requirements Program of Study  

Minor in Marketing

The Department of Business Administration offers a minor in Marketing for Business Administration majors only. Degree Requirements Program of Study  

Minor in Business Administration

Bethlehem University students, other than those majoring in Business Administration, can follow a program that leads to a minor in business. To earn this minor, students are required to successfully complete a total of 24 credit hours of the courses listed in the business major paradigm. To be more specific, students are to follow the […]

Minor in Political Science

The program reviews the various definitions and concepts in political science and its relationship with other sciences. It introduces students to political theories related to the understanding and analysis of political phenomena. The program offers courses in ancient, medieval, and contemporary political thought, in addition to courses in the theories of the emergence and development […]

Minor in Psychology

The Department of Social Sciences offers a minor in Psychology. This minor aims at preparing professional specialist who can contribute in the society renaissance. It works towards providing the student with the theoretical frame and skills that will help them contribute in shaping the life of the marginalized. Degree Requirements Program of Study  

Minor in Catechetics

The Department of Religious Studies offers a minor in Catechetics. To earn the minor a student has to complete 24 credit hours as listed in catalog (Click here) Degree Requirements Program of Study  

Minor in French

In addition to the Major, the Department of English provides a French Language minor available to all university students. Degree Requirements Program of Study  

Minor in Translation

The minor in translation aims to train students in translation skills (written and interpretation) from Arabic to English and vice-versa Program Learning Outcomes Upon completion, students will be able to: write and translate audio from English to Arabic and Vice versa translate writing and audit texts from English to Arabic and Vice versa use the […]

Minor in Journalism

The minor in Journalism aims to train and teach students in the fields of  print, audio and multimedia journalism. Program Learning Outcomes Upon completion, students will be able to: criticize newspapers and literature texts criticize the television content, film documentaries and programs edit journalism texts ( News, Reports, investigation and advertising) produce radio programs produce […]

Minor in Computer Information Systems

The department offers a minor in Computer Information Systems using two tracts or two sets of requirements.  The first tract is intended for students who want a background in programming.  Normally these students come from the Faculty of Science.  The second tract is for students who are not interested in programming but are interested in [...]