Jihad Najajreh, M.Sc.

System Administrator (EIS)

Jihad Najajreh received the bachelor degree of Information System (IS), from Palestine Polytechnic University in the year 2000. In 2018 he earned the MA degree in informatics from the same university, with a concentration in Information management, databases, networking and software engineering. Since his graduation in 2000, Najajreh has worked in many different organizations Such as UNDP, Municipal Development Fund (MDLF), PECDAR and many other institutions as part time and consultations jobs. Currently Najajreh is a full time system administrator at Bethlehem University since 2013, responsible to manage and administer university systems.

Email: jnajajreh@bethlehem.edu
Room No 33
Phone: +972 2 274 1241 ext:2342