Khader Jum’a, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Bio of Dr. Khader Jum’a, English Department, Bethlehem University, West Bank Dr. Khader Jum’a is a full-time lecturer at the English Department , Bethlehem University. He has a PhD in English language teaching methodology , an MA in English linguistics and a BA in English language and literature. His primary interests are related to teaching English methodology, translation and action research . Dr. Jum’a has participated in many conferences, workshops and courses. He is a member in the PATEFL (in Palestine) and APETAU( in Jordan) . Also, Dr. Jum’a is active in many social committees at Bethlehem University and the local community. Global education is an interesting topic that makes him enthusiastic to work with colleagues and have mutual friends. Dr. Jum’a is an alumnus of Bethlehem University, class of 1986.