MICAD Mission

MICAD's Mission

Palestine, one of the most troubled yet fascinating areas of the world, has long been engaged in the effort of achieving statehood and building its own identity in the mosaic of the Middle East.

The process of developing the multi-faceted Palestinian environment has been supported throughout the years by several international organizations, either governmental, multilateral, or established by the civil society. Their contribution plays a major role in improving economic, social and cultural dimensions of the Palestinian context.

Nevertheless, the primary actors of development must be the ones who belong to this land: the Palestinian people. Multidisciplinary in its nature, the Master in International Cooperation and Development (MICAD) offered by Bethlehem University is a graduate program whose mission is to form highly qualified officers who will contribute to strengthening the civil society, indeed the most valuable heritage of any country.

MICAD aims at providing its participants with two key elements for sustainable development: specific knowledge and ethical awareness. With the solid support of prestigious European universities, United Nations agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and Palestinian institutions, MICAD is looking forward to creating new opportunities for all those who are committed to development, justice, and peace.