Master’s Degree in Infectious Diseases; Prevention and Control

Master's Degree in Infectious Diseases; Prevention and Control

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To further advance health professionals and prepare them to work at an advanced level, the Tarek Ahmad Juffali Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences is pleased to announce a new Master’s Degree at Bethlehem University. This master’s qualification will allow postgraduates to be able to deal with infectious diseases, prevention, and control. Postgraduates will be able to contribute to the reduction of nosocomial infections, and antibiotic resistance, and the rapid, appropriate detection and management of outbreaks. Upon successful completion of the program, postgraduates will further be able to research and synthesize strategies and policies in this field.

This Master’s program is now fully accredited by the Ministry of Education’s accrediting body. Therefore, the Faculty cordially announces that we are in the process of receiving applicants and will select the best candidates to commence the first cohort. The master’s will begin in Fall, September-2022.

“Infectious Diseases; Prevention and Control” is a part-time program covered over two academic years. The first year is divided into fall, spring and a summer semester, while the second semester is divided into fall and a spring semester.  The program will be two days per week, this will allow the participants to continue working full time, while attending the program simultaneously.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Tarek Ahmad Juffali Faculty of Nursing and Health Science is to improve the health status of patients with infectious diseases, and antibiotic resistance and to better aid the control of outbreaks, through graduating professionals with advanced education and skills.  Postgraduates of the program will develop the ability to provide good quality, evidence-based, comprehensive assessment and care. Further to be committed to quality improvement and accountability, use clinical judgment to apply up to date scientific approaches to improve the outcomes of people with infectious diseases. A holistic, bio-psychosocial model focusing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients will be embraced. In addition, students will advance the science of infectious disease and control through using and participating in research.

The outcomes from this program

  • Effective / Efficient diagnosis and treatment including follow up, leading to less complications
  • Reduce hospital stays, lower nosocomial infection and lower antibiotic resistance.
  • Reduce morbidity, lower mortality, and the improvement of health indicators
  • lower disease burden and enable the saving of resources
  • Early detection of diseases and outbreaks containment, better prevention and control.
  • IHR (International Health Regulation) implementation, leading to better coordination regionally and globally.
  • Improve the research side; to create and prepare quality pool of researches in the domain and to prepare the students for future studies and research

Criteria of Admission

To apply for the program of study applicants must:

  • Hold a Bachelor of Science in nursing, biology, medicine, pharmacology, public health, occupational therapy or physiotherapy from an accredited university with an average grade greater than or equal to 75% (>2.5 GPA)
  • Have experience in health care

 Program Objectives:

  1. Provide advanced knowledge of healthcare to professionals concerning emerging and reemerging infectious diseases.
  2. Prepare well-qualified health professionals to deal with infectious diseases.
  3. Contribute to the reduction of nosocomial infection and antibiotic resistance.
  4. Contribute to the rapid and appropriate detection and management of outbreaks (prevention and control).
  5. Strengthening surveillance and stewardship of infectious diseases in healthcare and community sectors.
  6. Foster research in the field of infectious diseases prevention and control.
  7. Synthesize strategies and policies for the prevention and control of infectious diseases

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