You are invited to present a “LOGO” and a “THEME” that best describes Bethlehem University and its 50 years of commitment to the people of Palestine.

The best Logo and theme will be awarded and recognized

Submit your logo and theme via ( Until January 07, 2021. The result will be communicated to you in a month’s time.

  • Remember the fact, the faith, the story, and the success of Bethlehem University.
  • Remember the mission, the Church, the Lasallians, and the supporters of Bethlehem University.
  • Remember the student population of all faiths, the role of female students, and the impacts of graduates in the workforce.
  • Remember the words associated with Bethlehem University: “Oasis of peace, beacon of hope”, “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve”.


The Jubilee Logo will be used on the website, on all BU stationary and the Bethlehem University magazine (BUN).  It will also be featured in the graduation ceremony of the jubilee year and will be placed on the graduation booklet.

Candidate Designs

Candidate #1
Check it out
Candidate #2
Check it out
Candidate #3
Check it out
Candidate #4
Check it out

How to Rate!

To rate any of the designs, all you need to do is to hover the mouse on the design you would like to rate and click the number of the stars to give your rating.

You may rate all or some of the designs.  Please note that this vote is just to give us an idea about the viewers’ opinion, but will not be the only thing to count on.  There will be a special selection committee that will evaluate the proposed designs and will come up with the final decision.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to do this exercise.

كيفية التقييم

لتقييم التصاميم المقترحة، يرجى الضغط على النجوم التي تظهر عند تحريك مؤشر الفأرة فوق التصميم. يمكنكم الضغط على عدد النجوم التي ترونها مناسبة لتقييم التصميم.

بالامكان تقييم جمميع التصاميم او بعضها، حسب رغبتكم.  يرجى العلم ان التصويت هنا ليس هو المحدد الوحيد لاختيار الشعار، ولكن نتيجة هذا الااستمزاج لآراء القراء سيكون له وزن في التقييم النهائي الذي ستقوم به لجنة مختصة من الجامعة.

شكرًا لكم على المشاركة

Rating is Closed - أنتهى التقييم

We would like to let you know that the rating is closed for the proposed logos.  The committee will soon select the winner and announce it.  Thank you for your support.

لقد انتهى التصويت للشعارات المقترحة.  ستقوم لجنة متخصصة باختيار التصميم الفائز وسنعلن عنه قريبًا.  شكرًا لاهتمامكم ودعمكم.

The winning logo

The logo selection committee has made its choice on the winning logo in the competition that was launched in October 2020.

We are glad to announce that the design presented by Mr. John Atick from Bethlehem is the winning design.

the Logo and Theme Committee to be used in the coming three years throughout the Anniversary Campaign and for all its relevant activities.

The committee has chosen the theme “Bethlehem University towards Sustainable Quality Education” for the Golden Jubilee

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