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Bridging Fiction and Reality: Illuminating the Repressed in Literature, Culture, and Social Media

Prof. Jamil Khader, Dean of Research and Editor in Chief of the Bethlehem University Journal, had his article, “Neoliberal contradictions, necrocapitalist nightmares: questions of human agency and free will in Aḥmad Saʿdāwī’s Frankenstein in Baghdad,” published in Middle Eastern Literatures (March 2024). The Journal is indexed in Thomson Reuters Arts & Humanities Citation Index® (A&HCI). In this article, Prof. Khader examines […]

Unveiling the Medicinal Potential of Ephedra Plants

Dr. Michel Hanania, Dean of Science and Chairperson of the Department of Chemistry, alongside his colleagues, has made significant strides in the field of medicinal chemistry with their study published in the ECB Journal, a Q3 Scopus Journal. Their study, “Comparison of Total Phenolic Content, Total Flavonoid Content, Antioxidant Activity, Antimicrobial Activity, and Content of […]

Bridging Journalism, Technology, and Psychology

In the area of media studies, Dr. Ibrahim Hroub, an Instructor in the Department of Arabic and Interactive Media, explores the dynamic interplay between citizen journalism, technology, and human psychology. His article, “Exploring the Nexus of Citizen Journalism, Technology, and Psychology: Insights from Palestinian Journalists,” published in Journalism Practice, a Q1 Scopus journal, offers groundbreaking […]

Analyzing Urban Development in Bethlehem Governorate

Mr. Yacoub Al-Qasasfa, an Instructor in the Humanities Department, contributes to our understanding of urban geography with his study on the urban system within the Bethlehem Governorate.” His work, “The Status of Urban System in Bethlehem Governorate: Study on Urban Geography,” was published in Al-Najah University Journal for Research-B (Humanities), which was recently indexed in […]