Tag: WB-03-April-2023

Athletic Department Hosts First Basketball Skills Tournament

On Thursday, 30 March 2023, the Athletic Department hosted the University’s first-ever Basketball Skills Tournament at the auditorium with Coach Raed Abu Rumman supervising the event. The tournament was attended by the Athletic Department’s family and featured both male and female student participants. Its goal was to inspire students to play basketball more frequently, identify […]

Student Cell Activity at Zbierski Library

The Zbierski Library held a student cell activity on Thursday, 30 March 2023, on “Mental Health and Relaxation Techniques.” Ms. Elizabeth D’Souza, the Library Director, introduced the student, Sandy Kara’a, and thanked her for preparing the activity. She emphasized the importance of the topic and extended a warm welcome to all the participants. Sandy presented […]

Recruitment Committee Visit La Salle High School

The Recruitment Committee at Bethlehem University visited La Salle High School New Gate in Jerusalem and offered details about the University and its various programs. Around 80 students from the eleventh grade attended the sessions from both the literary and scientific streams. Mr. Mahdi Kleibo, a member of the committee, explained to the students the […]

English Language Training Course Completed

The Institute for Community Engagement and Partnership (ICP) at Bethlehem University held a graduation ceremony on Thursday, March 23, 2023, for participants who successfully completed the “English Language II A1 – A2” training course. This English language training course is part of an agreement signed between the ICP and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan […]