Feature: Artificial Intelligence Championship Winner

Graduate Profile: Rana Khair

Winning the Inspiration Award and People’s Choice Award at the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Family Challenge in California, USA, was an unforgettable experience. It was a challenge that I went through with my eldest daughter, Selina. 

Selina and I, Rana Khair, created an app called “My Drawings Speak Up” that analyzes children’s drawings for signs of bullying. The algorithm was created using hand-drawn images from children as well as drawings from trained psychologists. The program can recommend whether a parent should seek professional support for their child or not. 

The path for this success was not easy. We had to go through fatigue, failure, and despair but our strong determination helped us overcome the challenges and win the competition.

My Motto is inspired by the famous quotation: in order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure

I am a mother of four and have a supportive husband who encouraged me the whole way. I graduated from the Faculty of Science at Bethlehem University in 2009 with an honors degree in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Business Administration. 

Thanks to Bethlehem University, I was able to develop the skills required to build a project from scratch and to market it properly. This had a major effect on me and set me on the path to winning the artificial intelligence competition. 

I was inspired by the professors whose lectures were of great impact in instilling ambition and perseverance in me. It was also my motivation to participate in competitions and extracurricular activities. 

For eight years now, I have been working with the Ministry of Education as a technology teacher. I participated with the ministry in many competitions they held for students and teachers some of which were directly related to my field. 

Most of the competitions were about creating solutions to the problems we face in our society and increased my experiences in many other fields. 

Bethlehem University seeks to inspire and empower students to be successful in their careers. This success story showcases how Bethlehem University graduates are self-motivated lifelong learners who are empowered to enhance their own professional, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills.

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