Two Faculty Members Win Research Grants in Quebec

Dr. Jamil Khader and Dr. Zein Al-Abideen Al-Awawdeh awarded research grants

Dr. Jamil Khader, Dean of Research and Professor in the English Department, and Zein Al-Abideen Al-Awawdeh, Associate Professor in the Arabic Department, were awarded research grants through the Palestine Quebec Science Bridge (PQSB). The Bridge is funded by the Palestine Academy for Science and Technology, the Fonds de Recherche Du Quebec – Nature Et Technologies, Santé, and Société Et Culture.

The PQSB made it possible for numerous researchers at the University to collaborate with Canadian researchers in their respective fields. Previous recipients of this award from Bethlehem University include Dr. Khader Juma (Department of English), Dr. Suhail Odeh (Department of Software Engineering), Ms. Shereen Hazboun (Department of Software Engineering), and Mr. Alex Hadweh (Department of Business Administration).