1. The library is open from Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. 
  2. Students must wear the mask throughout their presence in the library. NO Mask NO Entry.
  3. On entering the library on the left-hand side, provisions are made to sanitize hands.
  4. Students are requested to fill in the log sheet, which is located at the library entrance.
  5. Students must maintain physical distancing in all library sections.
  6. Books must be returned through the drop box that is at the main entrance of the library. Those who need to extend the loan date of a book is allowed to use the RFID kiosk. 
  7. Discussion room reservations must be made only during the five working days (Monday through Friday) between 8:00 AM and NOT later than 4:00 PM through the online reservation link http://reserve.bethlehem.edu/Web/
  8. Discussion room reservations will not be made for a group that exceeds 5 persons so as to maintain physical distancing inside the room.
  9. The Quiet study area of the three floors is for individual use only, group discussion is prohibited inside those rooms.
  10. In order to save time, students can search for books via our online public access catalog (OPAC) system by clicking on the following link:  http://libserver.bethlehem.edu/webopac/catalog/search.aspx. Then send us an email (which is mentioned at the end of the page) with the title and the call number of the book(s) and library staff will prepare the book(s) for students to pick up.
  11. Students can access the online resources through their BUAP account, https://buap.bethlehem.edu/index.php
  12. Students should present their University ID in order to benefit from the library services.
  13. Library users are requested to maintain silence in order to have a study atmosphere.
  14. Eating, drinking, and smoking are absolutely prohibited.
  15. Using mobile phones is strictly prohibited. Please keep your mobile phones on silent mode.
  16. Do not shelve books yourself after use. Leave them on the tables to be shelved by the library staff.
  17. Do not take out the library materials without passing it through the check-in/out machine.
  18. Do not leave your reading materials, textbooks, bags, cellphones, and notebooks in the library. We are not responsible if they are lost.
  19. Please use library materials, equipment, and furniture with care.
  20. Library users are requested to cooperate with library staff and follow library instructions. Those users, who fail to observe the above instructions and do not abide by the abovementioned regulations, will be met with disciplinary action such as fines and suspension of privileges.

Contact for assistance:

Ms. Elizabeth Dsouza: edsouza@bethlehem.edu

Ghada Hadweh: Ghadweh@bethlehem.edu

Juana Juha: jjuha@bethlehem.edu

Miral Nasser: miraln@bethlehem.edu