BU Ancient Archives: 7,832 Pages Scanned and Stored

The Project of “OpenKM – Document Management System Software” started towards the end of Sept. 2020 with the EIS team (Enterprise Information System Unit). Jihad Najajreh and Francis Sleibi introduced it to the library staff and helped in teaching and monitoring until the staff got hold of it.

A library team of three persons – Sr. Rose, Miral and Sana worked on the OpenKM software and started scanning from Nov.’20 of the BU Ancient Archives. As of Dec.’20 completed 19 Ancient Boxes which totaled to 7,832 pages. 

The projects aimed to scan and store the BU Ancient Archives documents into a digital format that can be accessed and managed easily and stored for a long life time. The software is accessed from the Web and two scanners are being used for this project.