Bethlehem University library has a book that features Palestine. This rare book written in English is entitled: “Among the Holy places, A Pilgrimage through Palestine” and was published by T. Fisher Unwin (first edition January 1, 1891; 386 pages). A very interesting historical volume with fascinating photographs and illustrations.

The author, REV. James Kean, M.A., B.D. dedicated his work to the Honorable Mrs. Albany Erskine as a mark of esteem.

Printed in 1891, the book is a precious piece of the “George Nasra Center for Palestinian Heritage” Library special collection. The book speaks about such places as Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, the Jordan Valley and more.

The Contents: Chapters 1 to 24, the list of Illustrations 16 plates. Begins from page 2, Among the Holy Places, through chapter 24 “Damascus”. Index follows to page 388.

Readers and researchers can gain access to the publication as part of the rare books and resources in the special collections about Palestine, and the Holy Land. Besides, in order to preserve this rare book belonging to the Library’s Special Collections section, it has now been converted into digital format and can be accessed on the following link:

Thanks to Sana Salsa for assisting at our Digital Services section (digitization project), and converting the book into electronic form.