New Volume of the Bethlehem University Journal is Out as Open Access

The Editorial Board of the Bethlehem University Journal (BUJ) is pleased to invite you to read, download, and widely share the new volume which was published on the international research platform JSTOR.  

This volume marks the transition of BUJ into an Open Access journal making it possible for students and researchers to have free, unrestricted, and immediate access to the latest research in the different disciplines.

Prof. Jamil Khader, Dean of Research and Editor-in-Chief of BUJ, wrote “The transition of BUJ to Open Access will have significant implications not only for the reputation of the journal and its future sustainability as a leading journal in the region. More importantly, this transition will make BUJ an important part of the global effort to provide a more equitable system of knowledge and information for students and researchers in Palestine and other countries in the global South.”

Prof. Khader is also pleased to report that BUJ has received over 35000 downloads, hits, and reads in the last 6 months. As the most recent JSTOR usage report shows, this is an increase of 30 times over the usage in last year. 

This volume contains five articles in both English and Arabic that deal with two main subjects—literature and education, written by Jordanian, Syrian, and Palestinian researchers, including researchers from Bethlehem University and other Palestinian universities.

The new volume can be accessed here.