“My name is Maya, and, growing up in a place where pain is a daily reality, I have always been passionate about relieving the pain of people any way I can. That is why I chose to pursue two things in life: physical therapy and music, because I believe that they are the best healers to the body and soul. While I am on my way of fulfilling my first dream: becoming a physical therapist, my second dream, which is to develop my musical skills as a pianist, seems to be a bit more challenging at this point due to the lack of sufficient spaces and facilities dedicated to student talents and hobbies on campus.

I am a member of a big loving family: we are four sisters and two brothers, and all of us are either proud BU Alumni or current students. As you can imagine, it gets overwhelming at our crowded home. One of the ways I escape the stressors of the general current situation in Palestine, my studies and the chaos of life is through music. I know I am a talented pianist, but I spend most of my time on BU campus, where we do not have sufficient facilities for our hobbies and talents as students.

My wish for Christmas? I dream of having a Student Center on campus, where I get to do what I love most when I am not in class: playing piano. I dream of improving my skills and sharing my talents with other students, or even with a big audience in an amphitheater, just like the movies.

The Student Center would become the hub for our many talents and passions, and would make our time on camps much more fruitful. It would be a place where we can vent-out the stress, recharge and re-energize to take on new challenges of life. I know that this is a dream widely shared among us the students and I wish it would become a reality soon.”

Maya A.S
Second Year- Physical Therapy

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