Bethlehem University celebrates the graduation of its students


From: Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

By: LPJ Media Office

Bethlehem University celebrates the graduation of its students Available in the following languages:
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On August 18th and 19th, 2022, Bethlehem University celebrated the graduation of its holders of master’s and bachelor’s degrees, that is about 641 male and female graduates from various departments and specializations.

The celebration was attended by the Apostolic Nuncio in Jerusalem and Palestine, Mgr Adolfo Tito Yelana, the President of Bethlehem University, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Mahmoud Abu Mowais, the Governor of Bethlehem Major General Kamel Hamid, as well as many heads of institutions, in addition to the families of the graduates and the teaching and administrative staff of the university.

Br. Peter Bray, Vice-Chancellor of the University, who welcomed the audience, congratulated the graduates and pointed out that Bethlehem University has had, during the past fifty years, about 20,000 male and female graduates. “Our university seeks to provide students with certain abilities, professional skills, foreign languages, technological capabilities, and scientific research skills, in addition to personal traits to help them become citizens who care about justice, freedom, and others.”