The CornCloset team, comprised of Christina Anastas, Lourd Lolas, Daniella Anastas, and Ayah Altamimi, has been selected to represent Bethlehem University in the semi-finals of the Hult Prize Summits 2023, held in Nairobi, Kenya. Under the principle that “Change is the key that unlocks the doors to a brighter future,” the team has embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with a mission to make a sustainable impact.

The team’s acceptance and participation in the global competition have filled them with immense gratitude, appreciation, and joy. The experience has been anything but ordinary, offering an exceptional opportunity to showcase their ambitions as Palestinian students and present their unique entrepreneurial project to a global audience.

CornCloset’s selection as one of the top 700 projects out of 200,000 worldwide is a testament to the commitment, effort, and passion demonstrated by each team member in developing their innovative business concept. Their project revolves around producing sustainable fabric through the fermentation of cellulose extracted from corn husks, addressing the pressing issue of the ongoing climate crisis. By utilizing this eco-friendly approach, CornCloset aims to contribute to the reduction of environmental damage caused by traditional textile production.

Representing Bethlehem University on the stage of Strathmore University in Nairobi was not only a great honor but also a responsibility that the team embraced wholeheartedly. Their presence served as a powerful tool to challenge stereotypes and showcase the talent, creativity, and resilience inherent in Palestinian students. With Bethlehem University’s unwavering support and financial assistance, the team received invaluable guidance and resources that enabled them to develop their project and compete at such a prestigious event.

Bethlehem University congratulates the CornCloset team on their remarkable achievement and wishes them continued success as they forge a path towards a brighter future.

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