Bridging Cultures Through Media: Department of English’s Students Excel in Training for Effective Western Media Engagement

Thirteen students from the Department of English recently took part in an intensive training focusing on Palestinian representation within Western media. This training, facilitated by America House in Jerusalem and Ramallah, in collaboration with Western Washington University in the USA, aimed to equip participants with the skills needed to effectively engage Western, particularly American, audiences through both traditional and digital media. 

During the workshop, participants were immersed in a valuable learning experience designed to boost their media literacy and furnish them with the necessary competencies to creatively convey their personal viewpoints and experiences to diverse audiences. Moreover, the workshop prompted participants to contemplate the strategic utilization of media as a form of soft power, as well as a means of resistance. Attendees acquired the ability to discern media biases, critically assess news sources, and harness the potential of visual storytelling. Additionally, the workshop facilitated the transformation of these skills into tangible projects that explored the themes addressed during the workshop. 

The training program targeted current students from various Palestinian universities in the West Bank who demonstrated potential as content creators. The application process for this training was highly selective, encompassing a video project, a project proposal, and a rigorous interview. Of the 24 finalists, 13 were selected from Bethlehem University’s Department of English. This outcome underscores the competitiveness of our students in seizing cultural and educational opportunities presented by international organizations operating within Palestine.

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