On Monday 18 September 2023, Bethlehem University’s Occupational Therapy Program had the distinct honor of hosting Ms. Samantha Shann, President of the World Federation of Occupational Therapy, coming from the United Kingdom.

Bethlehem University’s Occupational Therapy Program is one of the educational programs with international recognition.

During her visit Ms. Shann met with Vice Chancellor Br. Peter Bray, and Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences Ms. Salam Awad. She also embarked on visits to various organizations in Bethlehem, including the psychiatric hospital, LifeGate, Creche, Lajee centre, Al-Malath and the Resource Center for Students with Disability at Bethlehem University.

The World Federation of Occupational Therapy primarily collaborates with professional associations in each of its member countries. The privilege of this visit is due to twenty-one years of work on behalf of Palestinian occupational therapists by Mr. Anan Ghabbash, instructor at Bethlehem University and President of the Palestinian Occupational Therapy Association.

Mr. Ghabbash’s contributions to the association are purely voluntary, yet they empower graduates and practicing therapists to become integral members of a global network, fostering opportunities for ongoing education and international career prospects.

Ms. Shann took a moment during her lecture to our students to acknowledge and commend Mr. Ghabbash for his remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment.

Many congratulations to Mr. Anan Ghabbash, and thank you to Ms. Vida Abu Aita and  Ms. Hind Zahdeh for making the visit such a success.

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