Bethlehem University’s Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism had the privilege of welcoming back four of its students who recently participated in a vocational training program held in Lourdes, France.

The program was organized in collaboration with the municipality of Lourdes as part of the twinning program between Bethlehem and Lourdes. These four students were selected to undergo an internationally recognized vocational training program at prestigious hotels in Lourdes. The training, spanning two months over the summer break, included both theoretical and practical assignments related to the hotel industry.

The students exhibited strong enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge and skills. They made a significant impact through their exceptional performance, demonstrating proficiency, diplomacy, and efficiency in completing their assigned tasks. As a result, some of them were even offered employment opportunities upon completing their training.

It’s worth noting that this marks the third occasion on which the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism has sent students for training in Lourdes, France. This exchange is particularly valuable because Lourdes shares a similar tourism profile with Palestine, allowing our students to gain new experiences that can be applied in their home country.