Mr. George and Mrs. Breda Shelton

Mr. George and Mrs. Breda Shelton have been very strong supporters and generous donors to Bethlehem University since 2015. They live in Arlington, Texas. Mr. George is a CPA and retired Business Executive. Mrs. Breda is a retired Educator with a successful career working in California and Texas.

They are lifelong Catholics and were educated in Catholic Schools. In November of 2021, they were blessed to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary with their family. Faith and family direct their living and giving priorities. As a family, they value the importance of education and its transformational power throughout the world. Their association with Bethlehem University Foundation has included Mr. George as a Member of the BUF Audit Committee, and Mrs. Breda a past BUF Board of Directors Member and current Member of the BUF Fundraising Committee.  On April 21, 2022 they became Silver Patrons of Bethlehem University Foundation at the Annual Awards Event in New York City.

They started supporting the work of Bethlehem University through the Bethlehem University Foundation in 2015. It was after their pilgrimage to the Holy Land which included a visit to Bethlehem University in Palestine that they made their first contribution, less than 30 days after this visit. Meeting students at Bethlehem University and listening to Br. Peter Bray were informative and heartening to them.

For Mr. George and Mrs. Breda, Bethlehem University students are the centerpiece of their attention, affection and inspiration. They admire the dedication of the Bethlehem University Community and its leadership working to provide excellent education in Palestine, which started with the De La Salle Christian Brothers, who have shown an extraordinary tenacity to meet the challenges presented to them throughout the history of Bethlehem University.

Mr. George and Mrs. Breda Observed and listened to some of the daily hurdles faced by BU students and staff, including checkpoints on their way to and back from the University, harassments, and limited opportunities. Despite these challenges, Bethlehem University students have found success in numerous professional endeavors.  Through the eyes of Faith, they give to Bethlehem University because they believe that the simplest and most profound connection we all have to each other is being beloved Children of God.

They continue to invite people to become donors and support Bethlehem University, as Bethlehem University continues to provide a myriad of giving opportunities, where all contributions have the ability to “ Make The Difference “ in the lives of students, faculty and research at this very important university in  Palestine .

Their message to the Bethlehem University Community:

“You are not alone! People of goodwill throughout the world are learning about Bethlehem University. We can all play our part to educate and advocate for issues of importance to you. Know each day prayers are said for your safety, health, educational experiences, and roles as future peacemakers!”