EOHSJ- Scottish Lieutenancy Annual Scholarship

“We decided to support a student at Bethlehem University for a number of reasons. Those members who have been on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land have visited BU. We were given a guided tour of campus where we were able to meet and speak to students who gave their experiences of student life at BU. They were upbeat, positive, and optimistic. It was a good experience for our members to meet young men and women on the cusp of educational achievement and careers. I think this moved us to want to help, and providing a scholarship is a way the Lieutenancy could do this. Those of us who entered higher education would have had much the same kind of experiences as BU students. However, we didn’t have difficulties to contend with such as checkpoints and other overt restrictions on life in Palestine. That difference made us want to help in a tangible way. We wish “our” student Widad all the best in her studies; she is in our prayers.”

Scholarship Recipient Widad Jeries,
2nd year Software Engineering major student