Student Ambassador Program

About the Amdassadors Program

The Student Ambassador Program provides the University with highly qualified students capable to represent Bethlehem University in public events nationally and internationally.

Working closely with the Guest Relations Officer, the Student Ambassadors’ role is to promote a positive image of Bethlehem University and raise awareness of the University’s programs and achievements.

The Bethlehem University Student Ambassadors Program (BUSAP) plays an integral role in the way visitors think about Bethlehem University and the Palestinian Society.

Who is better than Bethlehem University students to represent their home country Palestine, to tell their stories, and to express their hopes for the future?

The Program began in 2005. Since then, the Advancement Office staff, along with the students, has been developing the program, so that now, it is one of the strongest and most active student groups at Bethlehem University.

BUSAP has grown from having just a few students to now boasting a pool of committed, well-informed, and at times outspoken young men and women who are proud to represent their country and university.

Every year, BUSAP graduates a number of students in the summer and welcomes a new wave of students in the fall who decide to walk the journey at BU.