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Information Technology Services – Strategic Plan

Since the Establishment of the Information Technology Services Office (previously known as the Computer Center), IT services were offered and developed on an ad hoc bases.   With the recent developments at Bethlehem University, the vast advancement in the field of information technology, it is obvious that plans and strategies related to IT must be created and put in action. This three-year Information Technology Strategic Plan aims at better aligning the function, services, and development of the ITS Office with the mission, vision, and strategic goals of Bethlehem University.

The process of developing this plan was conducted in a collaborative matter that involved various members of the University community.  A committee was established to develop this plan.  Members from this committee included faculty members, director of CETL, media expert, and IT experts.  The committee will continue to meet quarterly during the next three years to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the strategic plan

The ITS Strategic Plan focuses on the following areas:

  • Enhance the teaching and learning process
  • Enhance the administrative and decision making process
  • Enhance the Information Technology infrastructure
  • Enhance the support and services offered by ITS Office
  • Enhance the planning and management process of Information Technology

Click here to view the full Plan (PDF)