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Dean’s word

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences!

I am very proud to be the dean of a school dedicated and devoted to improve the health status of the Palestinians through its distinguished graduates.

We have educated students within a comprehensive education program. Our outstanding graduates can be found in different settings in the community, health, social and academic organizations, in local and international organizations, and since our establishment as a Faculty of Nursing, we have earned a reputation for the excellent academic performance and clinical skills.

Our faculty is very distinguished in their commitment to the profession. This is reflected in their way of teaching and in preparing excellent health care providers. The faculty also serves as a role model for others in health care, who value the human being as one with biopsychosocial and spiritual needs.

If there is a small piece of advice I would give to the nurses of Palestine, I would say,”work in unity and increase your knowledge, always remembering that "knowledge is power." Always work for the common good of the profession of Nursing regardless of religion or social class, to improve people's lives and help to alleviate the suffering of the people and prevention of injuries and overcome the impact of the disease or help them to die in peace and dignity.”

Mariam Samara Awad

Faculty of Nursing & Health Sciences

Ms. Mariam Samara Awad

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