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 Paterson of Hebron “The Hakim”

This rare book, is entitled “Paterson of Hebron “The Hakim”. This book is a memoir written by James M. Paterson, recounting his experiences as a Christian missionary in the Middle East, particularly in Hebron, a city located in the West Bank. Paterson, a Scottish missionary who spent much of his life working in Palestine during […]

A Diary of my Life in the Holy Land

This rare book, entitled “A Diary of My Life in the Holy Land,” was first published in 1906 by Andrew Edward Breen (June 15, 1863 – September 10, 1938), an American Catholic Priest, notable theologian, and author. Born in Amity, Allegany County. Rev. Breen’s journal documents his journey through the lands of the Bible, enriched […]

Rare Book: “With the Turks in Palestine”

This rare book is entitled “With the Turks in Palestine”, it is first published in 1916, by the Romanian Alexander Aaronsohn (1888-1948). He was an author and activist who wrote about the plight of people living in Palestine, with the Turks. This book contains documents for the world the struggle that went on in Palestine during the […]