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Bethlehem University Vocational Training Curriculum for the Tourism Industry

Front Office Management Cluster

FOM-130 Module: The Guest Stay

Module Description & Objectives:

This module revolves around the key functions of the Front Office Department throughout the duration of the guest’s stay.  Upon completion of this module, the participants should be able to identify key responsibilities of a Front Office Agent responsibilities and inter-departmental communications & coordination with other departments during the Guest stay. Key concepts in maintaining Guest Folios, interpreting Front Office reports and understanding cross-referencing of financial transactions shall be given emphasis.

Module Learning Outcomes:

Upon satisfactory completion of this module, a participant should have the ability to:

  1. Describe the nature of communication between the Front Office and other departments and divisions in the hotel.
  2. Identify the main types of service requests of the Guests and how to handle such requests.
  3. Outline the role of Front Office Agents in ensuring the safety and security of hotel guests, employees and assets.
  4. Enumerate the Night Audit functions and procedures.

Prior Learning/Prerequisites:

Participants must successfully complete FOM-120 before proceeding.  Ideally, each participant should have taken previous courses such as Principles of Tourism and Principles of Management.

Program Duration & Capacity:

Two (2) sessions, three (3) hours each.  Maximum 25 participants.

Target Group:

The target group is students interested in front-of-the-house positions of a hotel, specifically in the Front Office Department.


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