Flavorful and Nutritional Cooking

CUL-170 Module: Flavorful and Nutritional Cooking

Module Description & Objectives:

Nutritional food does not have to be boring! In this module, students will learn how to do a nutritional analysis of menus and recipes while discovering the sensory properties of food. This hands-on module reinforces the healthiest cooking techniques, namely steaming and poaching. Using these methods students will produce flavorful and nutritionally balanced menus and dishes.

Module Learning Outcomes:

Upon satisfactory completion of this module, a participant should have the ability to:

  1. Demonstrate sensory evaluation techniques and proficiency in the healthy cooking techniques of steaming, poaching, blanching and wrap cookery.
  2. Distinguish the functions and sources of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate in Cookery and demonstrate competence in recipe modifications to produce healthy recipes with each
  3. Describe the value of organic and sustainable foods and apply the principles to menu and recipe planning.
  4. Describe and utilize different flavor enhancers in healthy recipes and distinguish between the enhancers by ethnic flavor profile
  5. Demonstrate basics of plate presentation
  6. Create and demonstrate at least 3 recipes of healthy and flavorful menu items

Prior Learning/Prerequisites:

FSS-110, CUL-110, CUL-120, CUL-130

Program Duration & Capacity:

8 sessions of 6 hours each for a total of 48 hours

Maximum capacity of 16 participants

Target Group:

This module is designed for kitchen employees in the hospitality industry who wish to hone their skills in culinary arts.