Higher Diploma in Oncology and Palliative Care Nursing

The Higher Diploma Program in Oncology and Palliative care Nursing started in 2016.  It is the first program of its kind in Palestine.  The main goal of this program is to improve the health status of cancer patients in Palestine. This will be achieved through graduating nurses who are knowledgeable, accountable, committed to quality improvements, use evidence-based approaches to patient care, make sound clinical judgments to improve the lives of patients, and are passionate about improving the science of cancer nursing through research. In addition, we nurture a compassionate approach to nursing care focusing on patients’ physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs. This program is made of 30 credit hours.

Program Learning Outcomes

The program’s graduates should be at a level of qualification and competency to:

  1. Be able to understand the biology of cancer and its treatment and the pathophysiology of cancer and cancer treatment-related disorders.
  2. Be competent in the clinical diagnosis and management of these disorders.
  3. Demonstrate clinical competency when providing quality nursing care for cancer patients
  4. Understand clinical trial methodology and acquire competence in a selected research interest.
  5. Develop and evaluate a personal philosophy of oncology nursing based on the program philosophy through the process of reflective practice.