Bachelor of Science in Technology for Environmental Sustainability


In this era where we face huge environmental challenges created by humans, we humans must overcome these challenges via an education that is focused on humans working through the issues towards solving them themselves, making people “agents of their own recuperation”.  Environmental education is correlated with economic development in nations.  The new Palestinian National Strategies for example on Agriculture and biodiversity also emphasized the centrality of higher education for Palestinian sustainability.

The Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability at Bethlehem University is in a unique position to establish and ensure the success of the new program of Biodiversity and Sustainability, to meet the growing needs of our society. The Institute has already helped to craft national strategies.

Learning outcomes of the program

The learning outcomes of the program are in accordance with the attributes of Bethlehem University graduates.


Acquire knowledge of plant and animal biodiversity.

Learn the connectivity of biodiversity to ecosystem requirements.

Learn about human responsible interactions with and protection of nature.

Learn about the geology, geography, and habitats of Palestine.

Learn advanced skills needed for ecological and ecosystem studies.

Learn about the sustainable use and development of natural resources (agriculture, tourism etc).

Intellectual skills

Develop critical thinking regarding their environment.

Students will be able to observe and analyze problems and their causes and offer solutions commensurate with local needs.

Practical skills

Use quantitative and qualitative data for problem analysis and solutions related to biodiversity and sustainability especially considering the challenges Palestinian society faces.

Develop reading and writing skills around the areas of the environment. This includes introductions to research methodologies in the field.

Understand and be able to use modern tools and techniques needed for biodiversity and sustainability (e.g. field survey studies, mapping, laboratory skills).

Develop practical skills for regenerative use of natural resources including for food sovereignty and for green economy.


Students should develop a passionate love of nature and of sustainability for human and natural communities and of transmitting this passion to new generations creating a ripple effect. They develop attitudes of valorizing nature and nature’s contribution to people and have a passion for spreading the word.


Here is a list of jobs and opportunities for graduates of this program at BU, equipped with a variety of options for employment:

  1. Engineering or other firms engaged in environmental impact assessment projects.
  2. Environment Quality Authority to manage growing challenges and partake of growing opportunities.
  3. Government ministries that have specific environment-related departments.  Example: Agrobiodiversity in the Ministry of Agriculture or ecotourism area in the Ministry of Tourism.
  4. Teaching at schools.
  5. Consultancy firms working on climate change, biodiversity, or sustainability.
  6. Environmental NGOs (there are 30+ active ones and more will be founded after implementing the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan and the Climate Change Strategy).
  7. Museums like the Palestine Museum of Natural History.
  8. International agencies working locally or globally on environmental.
  9. Local governmental agencies related to environment, such as joint service councils or cities interested to become green cities.
  10. Going for higher degrees (Master’s and Ph.D.) and then teaching in the many colleges and universities locally or globally.
  11. Research jobs in institutions like Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability and National Agricultural Research Center.

Global NGOs that work on environmental issues (WWF, National Geographic etc.).

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